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Majestic FCB

Registered  Trademark For Your Use 

Majestic Floor Care was first registered for business on October 1, 2008.  At that time our goal was to create a unique carpet cleaning business that could be branded with experience and cleaning solutions that are very affordable, easy to use, and safe. 

We are now offering Licensed Trademark Agreements (in most states) for the right person that wants to start up their own Majestic Floor Care Business.

Burt Sappenfield, Majestic Floor Care LLC


The licensed trademark is now available in most states.  

  Call (706) 339-4274 for more information

 Majestic Carpet Cleaning System - get repeat business and referrals.

 The big truck is more expensive but people are will to pay more for a system that sanitizes with steam and gets the carpet cleaner with a stronger vacuum and a quicker drying time.   

  • There is no residue left on the carpets which keeps the carpets clean longer.  We achieve this by pre-spraying our Majestic Vanish solution and then using steam to remove it. 
  •  We do not use a rinse solution which cuts down on cleaning time and costs, and speeds drying time.  
  • The PH in our "Vanish" solution is high enough to clean the carpet but not too high to remove the protectant on the carpet or cause "brown-out" (we stay in the guidelines of manufacturer warranties).  The big truck has the "GOLD STANDARD" for carpet cleaning.
  • This system is unique and there is not another system that can compare. This is why revenue with a "Big Truck", and the "Majestic Floor Care System", can be much higher or even double of any other system.
  • This system is great for residential, commercial , rental properties, and property managers.
  • Majestic also has a system to fog and sanitize homes and businesses with an unlimited supply of an EPA approved solution that is effective and safe for people and the environment.  This solution is a plant-based solution that has been approved to kill viruses in under 1 minute and does not require PPE when using it. 
  •  Consider joining the Majestic Floor Care Brand with a Non-Exclusive License Trademark Agreement.  "Make Our Brand - Your Business"  

For more information: 

Majestic Business Page 


Contact Us (706)339-4274

Discovery Day - Ride with Burt to see for yourself how this remarkable system works!

Due Diligence -  Check out other carpet cleaning opportunities and restrictions before you decide.

The Majestic "Big Truck"

 With the "Big Truck" the heat at the tip of the wand creates a true steam which cleans the carpet without soaking the carpet and backing. The strong vacuum in the big truck pulls out most of the moisture which also helps the carpets dry more quickly. (see the FAQ for more information).  

 The big truck can be purchased with an option to lower the pump pressure for furniture cleaning, and does a superior job at carpet and tile cleaning. All of the options for the "Big Truck" can be discussed with the manufacturer.

Call Burt for questions on franchising: (706) 339-4274 

and/or visit the FAQ page        

Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution

We have been researching carpet cleaning solutions for the past 25 years and we now have a cleaning solution (Vanish) that is extremely effective and safe to use.  This is one of our cleaning solutions that has amazing results for professional cleaning of carpet, rugs, and tile.  At a price of approximately $19/gallon, the profit margin on the use of Vanish is remarkable.  This product has a low Ph and is safe to use on stain resistant carpets.  

*The Majestic cleaning solution is only available to,  Majestic Floor Care Licensee's 

Let us show you how one $19 gallon of Vanish 

made $8,521

Magic Spotter

This remarkable carpet spotter removes most stains instantly.  Spray on area and use a damp white cloth to blot up stain.  We have many businesses/companies that purchase this product by the case for use, and/or resale.  

This is a great promotional or sales tool for Majestic Floor Care.

*This product is only available to, or through Majestic Floor Care Licensee's 

An Experienced System of Carpet Cleaning

Opening your own business is not an easy task. Majestic Floor Care has been in business for more than 11 years.  We have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 29 years.  

Along with purchasing the Licensed Trademark; you have access to time tested, private labeled cleaning solutions at  wholesale if you wish to use them.

No Franchise Restrictions

There are no requirements on purchasing chemicals, equipment, or advertising but you will have the availability to purchase the private label cleaning solutions at wholesale (approximately $19/gal).  You will also have access to purchase the Majestic Brand "Magic Spotter" at wholesale.  You will have access to the Majestic Floor Care Registered Trademark for your truck wrap and/or advertising needs.  There is no territorial restrictions in the state purchased.  

(See FAQ for the low price of owning a Majestic Floor Care Brand business)

This will be your business with the opportunity of using an existing experienced brand, Majestic Floor Care

True Steam Cleaning With The Majestic Big Truck

The steam is generated directly from the diesel engine.

This is the difference the big truck can make...

"Our Brand - Your Business"

A Unique Financial Opportunity 

How much can a Majestic carpet cleaning business make?

An established Majestic carpet cleaning truck in 

Augusta, GA grossed 

$217,414 in 2017*

" My mission is to give my customers

the best service possible and to

give back to our community and troops"

"Do not withhold good from those who

deserve it when it is in your power to help"

Proverbs 3:27


What State or Territory Can I choose?

  • This is not a franchise agreement.  
  • This is your business with the Majestic Brand and access to the Majestic cleaning solutions and spotter at  wholesale. The wholesale prices are considerably lower than any other solution on the market.  This gives you the ability to have a higher profit margin on your chemical purchase.
  • You purchase the rights to use the non-exclusive License Agreement in the State of your choice (each state governs their own rules and regulations). 
  • We do not offer Licensed Trademark agreements within  the Augusta, GA area (this includes an 80 mile radius from Augusta, GA which includes South Carolina and Georgia counties).  

No Licensed Trademark Agreements will be offered 

for the Augusta and surrounding areas.  

Not All States Are Available due to State limitations 

Our goal is to share and protect the integrity of this brand

Operation Handwarmer Video

BACKGROUND - We are Burt and Becky Sappenfield.  We were previous owners of a nationally ranked carpet cleaning franchise for 15 years.  We worked hard and built a great customer following but we were faced with many obstacles that hindered us from having a prosperous business.  The mandatory equipment and chemical purchases, the limited area/territory that we were allowed, the fines and fees by the Franchisor, and the control on how we could clean carpet, limited us on growing and prospering.  

This is what led us on a search for the best cleaning solution and the most efficient way to clean and sanitize carpet without leaving a soapy residue with a rapid drying time - MAJESTIC FLOOR CARE!

OUR GOAL - Our goal with Majestic Floor Care was to develop a carpet cleaning business and build a brand that was reputable, efficient, and that would benefit the customer and the owner/operator without so many restrictions.  Your business can be what you make it (no carpet cleaning experience required)!  With the Majestic system, we have accumulated the knowledge, equipment and chemicals (chemicals are at a wholesale cost and are only available to Majestic owners) so there is no trial and error.  They will be all available to the owner if they wish to use them.  Your business will be what you make it! 

 OUR MISSION - is to find people that want to build a profitable business for themselves and that have a drive to be successful and don't mind a little sweat equity to build their own business.  

We are here to help.  Contact Burt (706) 339-4274 for more information. [email protected]

Majestic Floor Care proudly supports our service men and women through our 

Operation Handwarmer Program

To learn more about Operation Handwarmer:

Corona-virus Information 



"Let No Child Go Hungry" - The McCormick County Backpack Ministry feeds approximately 133 children/week with the weekend backpack program.  They were incorporated in 2015 as a non-profit organization with a 501c tax-exempt status.  They have no paid employees, only volunteers from various organizations and churches who pick up food, pack, load and deliver to the schools.

(706) 339-4274

Request more information from Majestic and 

we will send you a gift 

and a packet of information

"Make Our Brand - Your Business"

If the Majestic Floor Care system looks like a good fit for you

 and you would like to have your own Majestic Carpet Cleaning business; 

click below to request an information packet and a free gift

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Make Your Own Happiness

"Make Our Brand - Your Business"

Work towards your being your own boss, having your own 

personal time, and financial freedom.

Join us on this "Magic Carpet Cleaning Ride"