Majestic FCB

Curriculum Vitae

James Burt Sappenfield

Majestic Floor Care, LLC

PO Box 409

Evans, GA 30809

(706) 339-4274

[email protected]

• 29 years’ experience in Indoor air quality issues; mold inspections, mold testing, mold   prevention/remediation, and water damage

. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update & Infections Prevention & Control Recommendations -   March, 2020 - Webinar with Dr.Nathan Furukawa DMS, Mph, Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer' Dr   Micheal Beil, MD Deputy Director Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, CDC; Capt Lisa Delaney MS,   CIH (usphs) COVID-19 Response Worker Health and Safety Team, CDC

. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update and Information for Long-Term Care Facilities, March, 2020

• ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) – World Health Organization Health Emergencies Program April,   2020;

• Pandemic Influenza Vaccines, National Deployment of vaccination and vaccination plans – World Health   Organization Health Emergencies Program, April, 2020

• COVID-19: How to put on and remove PPE, Instructor Alice Simniceany – World Health Organization   Health Emergencies Program, April, 2020

• Council certified residential mold inspector “CRMI”, Charlotte, NC – May 2006

• Former Board Member American Indoor Air Quality, “CRMI” Board Glendale, AZ

• Strategies for Conduction Meaningful Microbial IAQ Investigations, American Indoor Air Quality Council

• Member Indoor Air Quality Association, “IAQA”

• IAQ Services Enviro-Mold Indoor Air Quality Services, Inc.; Mold Remediation

• Certified mold remediation specialist, EM Environ-Mold; 2002 Nevada